Instant Information: Introducing Our New Chat Box

|By Drew Schwarz

At a Glance: Implementing Chat Boxes to Improve Customer Service

  • We have recently implemented a chat box in the bottom right of every page on our website
  • Our chat box is monitored around the clock
  • We are the first big turnstile manufacturer to implement this type of feature
  • Our chat box was implemented to help get you the access control answers you need easier and faster
  • Try it out today! Locate the blue circle with the white dialogue box in the bottom right of this screen

Introducing the New Hayward Turnstiles Access Control Chat Box

Year after year, our Hayward Turnstiles digital marketing team looks for new ways to improve the customer experience on our website. In years past, we implemented our very useful Learning Center, our Industry Specific Solutions pages, and our popular Access Control Blog (kudos to you, our readers, for keeping this blog going!). In an effort to step up our user experience to the next level, we have decided to implement a live chat box on our website.

Thanks to Intercom, Our new live chat box will allow our access control experts to assist our customers in real time with any and all of their access control and turnstile related queries. Sometimes, a simple online chat is all you need to answer your turnstile-related questions, so from now on, we will be here to chat when you need us!

How Do I Use the Chat Box Feature?

You will now see a blue circle with a white dialogue box inside of it on the bottom right-hand side of every web page of our website. Simply click on this icon to bring up the chat box. Simply type your message, click send, and one of our access control representatives will do their best to respond quickly with the most accurate and helpful response possible.

You will even be prompted to leave a contact information so that the team can reach you even after you have navigated away from the Hayward Turnstiles website. This feature is great for afterhours inquiries and for people that are on the go but still would like to get an answer as soon as possible. Simply enter either your email address or your phone number to receive our responses outside of the website.

When is the Hayward Chat Box Active?

In an effort to provide unparalleled customer service in the access control industry, our chat box will be active on our website around the clock. You should expect rapid responses during our regular business hours from 8:30am EST and 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday. Though you may experience extended response times during non-operating hours, there will always be the option to leave your contact information so if you navigate away from the Hayward Turnstiles website you will still receive a response in your email inbox. Whatever the case may be, we will do our best to provide quick and helpful responses whenever you decide to reach out.

Uncharted Territory in the Turnstile Manufacturing Industry

A main goal of ours here at Hayward Turnstiles has always been to be on the cutting-edge of access control product manufacturing while also leading the industry digitally with our website and other resources. For instance, we were the first turnstile manufacturer to offer a comprehensive turnstile learning center, we were the first manufacturer to offer our own line of Safety Sleeves for direct purchase on our website, and we are now the first turnstile manufacturer to offer a chat box on our website. This novel way of communicating will provide a direct channel of communication between customer and manufacturer: something we feel will improve customer support significantly across the board.

What Are the Benefits of Our Chat Box?

  1. More convenient: our chat box will allow you to ask questions or request information without ever having to leave the Hayward Turnstiles website. Instead of taking the time to write an email or call our team, you can simply write out your message, hit send, and you are good to go.
  2. Less waiting: we know that you want answers right away. With our new chat box live, you will be able to get answers much quicker than calling in or emailing the sales team.
  3. Increased availability: we realize that our customers do not only browse our website during normal business hours. This chat box will you to reach out to us at any time of the day and even on weekends.
  4. Better service: overall, having a chat box means faster response times, move convenient user experiences, and increased availability. These improvements mean better service all around.
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