Full Height Turnstiles Safety Sleeves

Non-covered bars are round tubular steel
Padded safety sleeves add protection and comfort

Padded Safety Sleeves for turnstiles helps prevent accidents & enhances usability.

  • Avoids injuries
  • Reduces bruising
  • Stops heel slams
  • Softens impact
  • Face saver
  • Easy-grab cushioned grip
  • Cool to the touch in extreme heat
  • Insulates bars in severe cold
  • Safety Orange for visible alert
  • Steel Gray for discrete look
Download Safety Sleeves Info

Indoor/Outdoor Use -Weatherproof & Long Lasting - Compliments Appearance.

Installs and quickly zips closed in seconds
Fits tight and prevents spin
Soft touch exterior pushes esasily Note: Install zipper face down

Safety Sleeve color choices compliment your turnstiles appearance.

Safety Sleeve packs helps you choose your level of protection.

Please contact us for more details.

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