EZ Lane SG Low Swing Glass Optical Turnstile

Boasting a timeless design and effortless lines, the EZ Lane SG Low is one of the most elegant and refined entry solutions on the market. This product features advanced optical detection software, sleek glass barriers, and an intuitive control interface that allows you to make changes to your access control needs on the fly.

Product Benefits

  • Narrow profile cabinet
  • Optionally ADA compliant
  • Waist high swing glass panels
  • High throughput
  • Bi-directional
  • Tailgate detection
  • Crawl detection
  • Audible & visible alerts

EASY SET UP with equipped control panel. Configure your turnstile lanes on the fly.

LED ALERTS indicate traffic direction with highly-visible green arrows and red X icons.

EMERGENCY EXIT functionality allows free passage in the event of an emergency or power outage.

OVERLOAD PROTECTION stops glass movement and sounds an alarm if an obstacle is detected.

SOUND SIGNALING warns of unauthorized entry, piggybacking, and other security threats.

OPTICAL SENSORS detect passage and analyze entries based on powerful software.











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The EZ Lane SG Low Glass offers an enhanced level of security because of its full height glass barriers. This unit is often used in high rise corporate buildings and other extravagant lobbies because it blends right in with the modern architecture and decor. Because of its high throughput and increased efficiency, this unit is also used in high traffic installments like subways, metro stations, and even some universities. It can be used to control traffic, count entrants, scan credentials, and even deter unwanted entrants. This unit is also ADA complaint when configured to the correct width.



Price Range


Security Type


Barrier Height


Cabinet Width x Depth

7" W x 51" or 54" D

Cabinet End Style

Square or Round

Lane Width

30" or 36" (ADA)

Entry/Exit Control


Bi-Direct/Card Stack


Visible/Audible Alerts


Tailgate/Crawl Detect


Floor Mount Platform


Remote Lane Software




Hands-free Operation:

Quick and smooth motorized swing glass for bi-directional turnstile operation

Optical Detection:

LED sensors detect passage with high accuracy


Up to 50 passages per minute allowing for fast user throughput

Card Stacking:

  • Lane remains open while authorizing multiple credentials
  • Increases throughput during busy periods
  • Allows simultaneous verifications (good for groups)

Alerts (Visual and Audio):

  • Access Granted: Green arrow and a confirmation tone
  • Access Declined: Red X and a rejection tones

Lane Status LED’s (2):

Located at each end on pedestal tops. indicate whether the lane is open or not.

Tailgate Detection:

• Assures that only one person enters for each authorized credential
• Prevents “Piggybacking” by unauthorized entrants

Crawl Under Detection:

Optical LED’s detect all movement 8″ above the floor

Reader Integration:

• Easily integrates to access control and fire safety systems
through a dry contact
• Reader mounts internally inside cabinet under lane status LED
• Factory installation available – End-user must supply reader

Power Failure/Emergency Mode:

• Barrier easily pushes open at power failure/emergency
• Barrier auto-resets when power is restored

Power Requirement:

24 VDC – Maximum power consumption 90-180W

Quality Control:

Every unit is inspected, tested, and certified before shipment.



Cabinet Style:

Choose from square or round cabinet end shapes:




Glass Glazing Color (no charge for clear):



Light Blue




Frame Finish Color (no charge for Inox):


RAL 5010

RAL 9003

RAL 7016

Glass Panel Etching:

Personalize the glass panels on your optical turnstile model with laser etching (Company logos, signage, etc.)

Remote Lane Controller:

Use an external color LCD touch screen monitor to:

  • Remotely control and change how your optical turnstile functions
  • Perform diagnostic checks and analyze alarms
  • Display patron counts and other analytics

Lane Mounting Platform (for above-floor wiring):

  • Mount your cabinet on a pedestal to conceal wiring below
  • Includes a walk-over conduit for quick installation (no drilling required)



Please contact us for dimensions and custom lane widths. 


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