SG300 SwingGate ADA

The SG300 is an ADA gate for all locations. This model has a flexible design and is offered in a multitude of configurations. Style options include: wall mount, single floor mount, double floor mount (French-door style) or any combination you desire. Additionally, you can select from an ADA compliant lane width or a custom opening size to fit your needs. This model includes basic signage with custom signage available. The diverse product offerings and flexibility makes the SG300 a popular selling model.

Product Benefits

  • Mid-range
  • Rounded corners
  • One or two-way swing (self-closing)
  • Wall mount or Floor Mount  options
  • Single or Double (French Door) lane widths
  • ADA or custom sizes lane widths

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Handicap gates provide authorized access for easy entry and/or exit.
They restrict traffic, provide handicap accessibility, and are frequently
used as an access point for hand trucks, carts, and deliveries.
Popular applications also include use at retail stores, schools, libraries,
cafeterias, and health club facilities where inexpensive reliable
security is required. Our SwingGates are designed to be paired with
our matching turnstile models and can be configured to offer different
levels of functionality based on your needs and budget.

The SG300 is our mid-range, round corner, self-closing
gate and it is available in a variety of configurations. Both the chrome
and stainless steel frames are strong, durable, and built tough for
long-lasting performance. Available mounting styles include:
single width wall mount, single width floor post, or double width
floor post (French-door style).

The wall mount can be used with or without a matching stop post.
The single width includes a floor post, matching stop post, strike
plate and matching floor flanges. The double width includes two
floor posts hinged on the outside corners (no stop post) and matching
floor flanges.

All SG300 models include a self-closing hinge, a full size
36″ clear ADA opening for handicap access, and either a one way
90 degree swing, or two-way 180 degree swing. Your choice of custom
size widths (30″ to 40″ single, or 60″ to 72″ double), and signage
(6 options) is included in the price.

Available options include; an electric magnetic strike lock
(integrates with access control systems), push-button activation
(momentary or timer), wall mounting, custom sized widths
(from 20″-60″), and signage.


Price Range

Mid-Range Value

Frame Style

Round corners


Stainless or Chrome

ADA Compliant (36" min.)


Swing Direction

One or Two Way

Closing Type

Self-close or Adjustable

Mount Type(s)

Floor Posts or Wall Mount

Standard Width

Single: 36" Double: 72"

Custom Width(s)

30" to 40"

Custom Width(s) Double

60" to 72"

Exterior/Interior Use

Exterior or Interior



Post & Rail (custom sized)


Electronic Entry/Exit



SG300 SwingGate ADA Details

Design & Construction:

  • Stainless steel or chrome tubing with round corners
    (2-1/4″ or 2-3/4″ floor post diameter & 1-1/4″ gate arm
  • Decorative low profile matching flange cover
  • Interior or Exterior Use (Stainless only)

Model Style:

  • Wall Mount – single width (with or without stop post)
  • Floor Mount – single width (with or without stop post)
  • Floor Mount – double width (French door style – no stop
    posts needed)


  • 36″ ADA opening single width lane (standard sized)
  • 72″ opening double width lane (standard sized)
  • One-way 90-degree swing or two-way 180-degree swing
  • Self-closing, durable hinge with adjustable closer
  • Signage (6 options)

Custom sizes at no extra cost:

  • 30″- 40″ sizes for single widths
  • 60″-72″ for double widths (French door style)

Electrical Specifications:

Power supply input 100-240VAC (.7 amp) 50/60hz output
24VDC (1.1 amp) All components UL recognized


Units are warranted against defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of one year from date of
delivery. See warranty information for specific details.


SG300 SwingGate ADA Options


  • Electronic locking module featuring heavy-duty 24 VDC
  • Fail-safe (free passage on power failure)
  • Interfaces with card readers, PC attendance systems, wireless
    remotes, and push-button activation (momentary or timer)
  • Custom sized matching post and rail to fill open space


SG300 SwingGate ADA Dimensions



SG300 SwingGate ADA PDF Downloads

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