Security Turnstiles for the Construction Industry

Construction is the process of erecting a building or infrastructure. Construction is an all-encompassing term and the industry itself can be broken down into three main sub-sectors: building construction, heavy and civil engineering construction, and specialty trade construction. In developed countries, the construction industry occupies about six to nine percent of the gross domestic product. Construction projects often involve massive budgets, expensive machinery, and multiple collaborators.

Security and Access Control Challenges for Construction Sites

Construction almost always takes place on location. This creates a number of security challenges for construction companies. Large, expensive equipment stays on site along with lumber, steel, and other building materials. When the work day is over and nobody is left on site, the materials and machinery are left unguarded and vulnerable. Thieves and vandals take advantage of this opportunity and often cut fences, graffiti walls, and worst of all steal expensive equipment and materials.

Along with protecting the valuable items within the construction site, it is also important to protect the public from the hazardous conditions characteristic of many construction sites. Seasoned construction workers are vigilant and know how to avoid common workplace-related dangers, but if a passerby accidentally wanders into a construction site there could be serious consequences.

Security Turnstile Solutions for Construction Sites

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Construction companies can avoid these common workplace security challenges at construction sites by installing hard-to-breach perimeter fences. But, these fences have weak spots–, especially at their entryways. Fence doors can be left unlocked or held open for unauthorized individuals, especially at high-risk/high-traffic construction sites. To eliminate these risks, many construction companies install full height turnstiles at their entryways. These turnstiles control access by only allowing one authorized person access at a time with no risk of tailgating or forgetting to lock doors.

At construction sites where new materials and equipment need to be walked in regularly, full height security gates may also be implemented alongside full height turnstiles. They exhibit larger entrance widths and can allow crates, wheel trucks, and other large materials access to a construction site while still keeping the area secure otherwise.

Previous Construction Site Turnstile Installations

Hayward Turnstiles has helped many large construction companies increase their security and minimize loss with security turnstiles for construction sites. Some include:

Turner Construction    carothers construction

     blue rock construction

Construction Industry Products

Safety Sleeve

HT336/HT336M Full Height Gates

The HT336 full height gates are available with bars or mesh and coordinate with our full height SecureTurn series. These matching ADA gates are designed for handicap access, maintenance cart passage, and large deliveries.
These gates match perfectly withany of our full-height turnstiles in style and finish. Standard gate passage width is ADA compliant at 36″ and can also be ordered in custom 48” width.

HT431 SecureTurn Full Height Turnstile

HT431 SecureTurn Full Height Turnstile

The HT431 standard passage width is our most affordable full height turnstile and our best-selling model. It is a popular choice, works well for most applications, and offers great value. Available in galvanized, powder coat, or stainless, the HT431 has a full line of options and can easily be configured to fit your turnstile needs.

HT431T SecureTurn Full Height Tandem Turnstile

HT431T SecureTurn Full Height Tandem Turnstile

The HT431T Tandem standard passage turnstile is a space saver model when requiring multiple lanes. This two lane model can be ordered in your choice framing materials and offered with a full line of options. Tandems are popular for areas with high traffic flow. Depending upon requirements, each lane can easily be configured for entry, egress or a combination of both.

HT439 SecureTurn Full Height Turnstile

HT439 SecureTurn Full Height Turnstile

The HT439 wide passage provides extra width when a larger opening size is needed. Commonly used on construction sites, this model has greater clearance allowing the user to pass with small items. Available in a variety of finishes, this wide passage model offers extra space when needed.

HT439 SecureTurn Full Height Turnstile

HT448 SecureTurn Full Height Turnstile

The HT448 extra-wide passage is the widest available full-height turnstile with a whopping 48” opening. This premium width model offers maximum clearance for users to pass with large items. Like all of our full height turnstiles, this model is offered in galvanized, powder coat, or stainless steel finishes, and can be configured with a wide variety of options.

HTSG Gate Full Height Turnstile

HTSG Gate Full Height Turnstile

The HTSG full height gate is built to industrial grade specifications and is an ideal product for high-security areas. The heavy-duty model is a real workhorse and it is built for a lifetime of performance. When you need the ultimate entry solution, this high-performance gate is the best choice. The HTSG is available in galvanized, powder coat, or stainless steel, and may also be finished in custom vibrant colors.  It has a full line of options and can easily be configured to fit your project needs.